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My passion is to help you "feel good".

I have always had a curiosity and fascination for the human body. Years involved in high-level gymnastics continued to drive my interest in the human biology and anatomy and led me to study physiotherapy. Whilst practicing as a physiotherapist, I strongly believed in basing therapy around exercise prescription whether this be for competitive sports people or the elderly.  

I have seen time and time again the benefit that Pilates has by helping to bring the bodies strength and mobility into equilibrium. I have also seen the damaging effects improper exercise technique can have on our bodies. Many other trainers and instructors simply do not have the anatomical knowledge to prevent this from happening. 

Kurve focuses on technique and form by drawing on a deep understanding of the human body to create classes and content that improve strength, wellbeing and overall make you feel good so you can do what you love!



The name is derived from Joseph Pilates who developed a way of exercising in the 1920's that focused on control of the mind and body. Joseph used the principles of breathing, concentration, control, centering, flow, and precision to achieve this mind-body connection. 

Pilates has continued to evolve both in technique and popularity. We now see many different forms of Pilates which have been adapted to the current times. 



Kurve classes continue to focus on the traditional principle of exercising with purpose and I implement my knowledge as a physiotherapist into each exercise to ensure they are performed with control. Classes are low impact and primarily body weight based. Mat classes focus on core and postural exercises as is tradition in Pilates, as I see this as necessary to help counteract the poor biomechanics and injuries that so often result from our sedentary lifestyles.

Simply put, Kurve's view is to focus on exercises that first and foremost, make you "feel good" with the secondary benefit of "look good" through building muscle strength and tone.